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EMCC Global GPS 2022 Shop

Welcome to the EMCC Global GPS 2022 Shop

Register Today: be a part of The Dialogue Shaping Our Future to elevate your own thinking


You are invited to a week of interactive dialogue, reflection and co-creation at the fifth annual EMCC Global Provider Summit 2022, Monday, 14 November to Thursday, 17 November.

Come for the depth of inquiry, input experience from your own practice and take learnings to contribute to your own CPD in the organised ‘round table’ dialogue sessions led by world-class leaders. Then continue the discussions and meet new connections from across the world during interspersed networking throughout the week.

The theme this year is that of organisational excellence. Whether you work within an organisation, work for one, run one, or set the strategic direction for one; organisations are at the heart of our society. We have global challenges of seismic proportions affecting our world – we rely on coaches, mentors and leaders to help unlock solutions and we increasingly depend on organisations and societies to adapt and change.

The EMCC Global Provider Summit is a week full of discussion, case studies, innovation, and practical support to help you with your ongoing practice and accreditation journey with EMCC Global – in all time zones across the world.

  • PANEL SESSIONS:Positioning EMCC Global Strategic Priority: Providing a benchmark for leadership and aspiring leadership practice to develop human capacity.
  • CASE STUDIES:Take a deeper dive into the experiences of others in deep reflection – apply and share your own retrospective and proactive lens as we share learnings and ideas from the experience of others in the journey to organisational excellence.
  • INNOVATION HUBS:Organisational excellence requires new thinking and rethinking – immerse in dialogue around innovation with champions of ideas and concepts. See research at the heart of practice.
  • ACCELERATOR HUBS:Mentorship and resources to support applications for EMCC Global ISMCP, Quality Awards and Individual Accreditations.

The EMCC Global Provider Summit is hosted and led by our EMCC Global leaders, accredited organisations, education and training providers and special partners. Our continued focus is on co-creating the future of our professional practice. We look at current research and practice as our ‘round table’ dialogue session hosts present new and emerging concepts and experiences around leadership, coaching, team coaching, mentoring, programme management and supervision, giving a valuable set of discussions pertinent to ongoing professional development, learning, and contributions to the profession.

Join us and our session hosts at The EMCC Global GPS 2022 to bring stakeholders, partners and dynamic leaders together to co-create and collaborate. We do hope to see you on,

Monday, 14 November to Thursday, 17 November

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